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We have a great selection of speakers for our conference this year

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Matt Wyckhouse – Co-Founder and CEO, Finite State

 Keynote Speech – Plenary Track

Presentation : The Truth About Cybersecurity in the IoT Era

More than 15 years of experience developing advanced software to support offensive and defensive cyber operations…

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Nigel Mackie (CEO) & Dr Chris Mobley (CTO), Blueskytec

 Application Track

Presentation : Cyber Security in Space

Nigel Mackie and Dr Chris Mobley both have backgrounds in defence and national security on both sides of the Atlantic with Lockheed Martin, Ultra Electronics, Thales and Harris to name a few. Chris achieved his PhD in digital signal processing for Formula 1 racing performance optimisation. They met on electronic warfare projects before working together in the UK and US to provide cryptographic solutions to secure the UK’s battle space with MoD and GCHQ. The work they did with the US and UK intelligence agencies provided a deep understanding of future cyber security threats and they embarked on developing technology using a quantum derived hi-grade crypto to secure control systems and monitor anomalous behaviour utilising machine learning.

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Professor Máire O’Neill –  Research Director, UK Research Institute in Hardware Security

 Design Track

Presentation : RISE – Hardware Security and the latest R&D

Professor Máire O’Neill has a strong international reputation for her research on novel data security algorithms and hardware architectures…

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Andrew Poulter – Principal Computer Scientist, UK Ministry of Defence (Dstl) & University of Southampton

 Design Track

Presentation : Secure Messaging, Key Management & Device Identity for the IoT

Andrew Poulter is a Principal Computer Scientist with the UK MoD’s science & technology research organisation, Dstl; where he has worked for the last 15 years…

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Sarb Sembhi – CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed

 Application Track

Presentation : Smart Environments – what are they and who is responsible for security?

Sarb is the CTO & CISO at Virtually Informed, and has previously been a CTO & CISO for the Noord Group. He has previously worked as a consultant …

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Geert-Jan Schrijen – CTO, Intrinsic ID B.V.

 Design Track

Presentation : How to transform a tiny medical device into a secure one in easy steps

Geert-Jan Schrijen is CTO of Intrinsic ID, Eindhoven the Netherlands. He is co-founder of the company…

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Simon Watson – Security Consultant, NCC Group

 Resilience Track

Presentation : Oops… I didn’t think of that: unintended consequences and IoT

Simon Watson has been working as a security consultant for NCC Group for over two years. Changing career after over ten years working in embedded systems development…

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Paul Kearney – Head of Cybersecurity Research, Birmingham City University

 Design Track

Presentation : Can IoT security risk management be made simple?

Paul Kearney has had a long and varied career in R&D in industry, most recently as Chief Security Researcher at BT…

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