Dave Cooke


Dave Cooke is an independent consultant specialising in resilience, business continuity and crisis management and he chairs the IWFM Risk and Business Continuity SIG.

Dave spent over 30 years working for the BBC’s International News Division and headed their Facilities Management function before specialising in security, business continuity and risk management. He was head of Business Continuity and Risk Management for BBC Global news with responsibilities for maintaining staff safety and programme output in their multi-media news operations in the UK and 90 countries around the world.

Dave is a Fellow of the IWFM, a member of the Business Continuity Institute and holds Board certifications in Business Continuity and Security. Dave is also a member of the British Standard Institute’s Continuity and Resilience Committee and Board member of the UK Security Commonwealth.


“New Guidance and Best Practices on the security of Smart Built Environments, IoTSF.”

The panel will present three new Guidance and Best Practise documents on behalf of the Smart Built Environment Working Group, IoTSF. Each paper outlines Guidance and Best Practices on the security of Smart Built Environments for 1) Building Owners, 2) Facilities management professionals and companies and 3) Manufacturers. Leaders from these particular stakeholder communities will consider their challenges, solutions and recommendations. There will be time for Q & A with a follow-on meeting room for further discussion.

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