About hardwear.io

Hardwear.io is a security conference for the hardware and security community. The conference revolves around the objective of four primary concerns (BETA) – backdoors, exploits, trusts, and attacks – in hardware, firmware, and associated protocols. We are invested in nurturing people through the sharing of information and knowledge.

All Hardwear.io events (Netherlands, US, and Berlin editions) are known for providing high-quality knowledge via technical talks and practical training sessions. Since our first event in 2015 we strive to offer talks on the latest research in hardware security by renowned security professionals across the globe – nothing shows it better than the rich assortment of Hardwear.io NL 2020 talks ranging between Side Channel Attacks, Countermeasures, Attacks on heterogenous PFGA-CPU, and Telecom Security.

What distincts us is our passion for giving back and contributing to the hardware security community. This encourages us to be more than a hardware security training and conference, but a platform to share, exchange, and collaborate via various workshops/villages/CTF/HardPwn contest etc. among various stake holders like the Government, Industry, Academia and community.

Our upcoming online edition of Berlin Hardwear.io Trainings 2021 is scheduled between 27-30 January 2021. For more information, visit: https://hardwear.io/berlin-2021/online-training.php.


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