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About the IoTSF Conference 2019

The 5th Annual IoT Security Foundation Conference is a one-day event that takes place on 26th November at the ILEC Conference Centre, London. The Annual IoTSF Conference has built a loyal global following from the IoT stakeholder communities and is renowned for delivering high quality conference programmes.

The era of IoT describes the world as it transforms to be ever-digital and increasingly connected. Along with the power of digital comes the reciprocal cyber threat, and we continue to witness a number of attacks enabled by products that lack protection against well-known exploits, have been badly configured or suffer from poor maintenance. This causes businesses to be hesitant, concerns governments, increases the likelihood of regulation and ultimately frustrates markets.

Vendors must build secure, purchasers must buy secure, and users must be secure: to be without security in a digital world is not an option. Society and industry need to fight back as no one should design, should buy, or should use a connected product, service or system that lacks fit-for-purpose security.

Yet there are no ‘one-size fits all’ security solutions – they are dependent on the application. Most of the attacks we see today can be effectively defended against, many by relatively simple measures. Organisations need to be informed, the solutions presented, choices made, and those choices need to be in keeping with their business context.

Welcome to the 2019 IoT Security Foundation Conference where we aim to illuminate, educate and keep you up-to-date with best practice, next-practice and the latest developments in IoT cyber security.

It has been said that security is a team sport and that transparency cultivates trust. Our dual themes for 2019 are therefore collaborative security and transparency – or to put it another way, collaborate and illuminate.

The IoTSF 5th Annual Conference will feature 30+ speakers over the ‘big picture’ plenary sessions and breakout tracks.  Attendees will learn how companies are providing security capabilities and how users are implementing them. This will be framed by a bigger picture view of the contemporary issues and take a look into the future.

In the plenary sessions, we will be exploring markets, regulation, assurance, standards, and certification as all stakeholders work together on the security agenda. Within the tracks, we will be illuminating the challenges within the IoTSF framework values of ; Security First (design and planning), Fit for Purpose (applications) and Resilience (maintaining security in use).

If your job involves anything with connected systems then you need to come to the world’s longest running IoT Security Conference.

“An IoT security conference with a difference. Going beyond the basic “what and why”, IoTSF showcases real world examples with tangible challenges, benefits and solutions, delivering instant value to device manufacturers, service providers and other players in the IoT ecosystem

Rosa Lenders, Global Marketing Manager, Device Authority

“Phaedrus Systems always attends the IoTSF conference because it is full of people who know what they are talking about and what is actually possible in both threats and defence technology. This conference deals in reality and often to cover holes you don’t know are there

Chris Hills, CTO, Phaedrus Systems

“The IoT Security Foundation’s conference goes beyond presenting security horror stories and shows you how to tackle improving IoT Security”

Roger Shepherd, Managing Director, Chipless

Entertaining, Educational & Inspiring – After the December 2018 conference my colleague told me it was the best conference he’d been to in years! There’s everything from the obscure technical bits & bytes inside a device to the corporate musings of industry leaders…and without all the sales pitch.  Just good honest high quality thinking

Jeff Day, Senior Security Manager, BT

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