Ian Pearson

Principal Embedded Solutions Engineer, Microchip

Ian has 20+ years’ experience designing embedded systems. For the last 10+ years he has supported connected embedded systems focusing originally on Ethernet and TCP/IP and has since been active in bringing Microchip Wireless Solutions in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LoRa® technology into the embedded space. Ian has been active in IoT since the early days and is a vocal advocate for the design of secure IoT systems


Is Consumer Radically Different to High-Reliability? Leveraging Hi-Reliability Product Design Flows

Electronic design, in the new security conscious world, is hard. Device complexity and software content increase unabated, yet price appears to constantly drive lower. How is it, when the majority of processes are equal, one vendor can provide solutions far cheaper than another? Is it just market economics or is something being compromised?

Have we graded security as a function of the product end cost and market sector rather than at the potential fiscal impact when scaled up risk of millions of devices is considered?

What lessons can we learn and adapt from the hi-reliability, less cost sensitive sectors and bring these to the highly scaled, potentially higher total risk, sectors? Equally, can we apply knowledge from consumer security to other sectors?

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