Jeff Day

Security Lead Fixed-Line Voice Services, BT Plc

Jeff Day is Chair of the IoTSF Best Practice Working Group. He is Security Lead for all fixed-line voice services at British Telecom, having previously been security lead for their IoT programme. Jeff has worked in security for some 20 years and is the author of several BT internal security specifications and standards.



Security Best Practice – Why & How?

Why do we need security Best Practice? What is it? How do we do it? How can the IoT Security Foundation help us? These are all questions an IoT company may (and should!) ask themselves.

We will look at why security is so important when developing IoT solutions and why a planned approach to security design is vital. We’ll then look at what options are open to a company to get security designed in properly.

We’ll finish with a brief overview of the range of information produced by the IoTSF in support of Best Practice, and look a little closer at our Compliance Framework and Secure Design Best Practice Guides (BPGs).

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