Ken Munro

Partner, Pen Test Partners

Ken has been working in IT security for over 15 years. He writes for various newspapers and industry magazines and is a regular source of comment and sanity on IoT issues to various news agencies and the BBC.

Ken has grown a reputation as someone who cuts through the noise, spin and scaremongering put about by many security vendors.

Ken takes a very active role in the IoT space. When not presenting findings, facilitating workshops, or briefing organisations Ken also provides advice to device manufacturers and is a huge advocate of responsible disclosure.


“The IoT is littered with security disasters. As the distinction from OT blurs how do we avoid repeating them?”

This session will explain, with hacking examples, what happens when a historically isolated tech environment meets an always connected and messy ecosystem. OT is falling in line with IoT at pace, and many OT installers simply don’t understand security so we’ll explore the potential for chaos which that brings.

There’s advice too, the best being “Don’t believe the marketing hype. There’ll also be tactical help; test for security before you adopt or change systems, don’t rush to the cloud, and much more.


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