Kevin Song

Head of Cyber Security Compliance,Xiaomi Inc


Kevin created the security baseline of corporate smart devices to meet the compliance requirements, and navigate the function teams and supply chain vendors to research and promote the technology to secure IoT device. The methodology has applied in hundreds of device categories, which are red hot in market.
Before joining Xiaomi, Kevin worked as senior manager of Global Security Operation Center (GSOC) in Lenovo, with extensive experience of cyber incident and product security bugs response. He successfully implemented several compliance projects, including PCI DSS, UK cyber essential, ISO 27001, etc.
Kevin devotes substantial resources in data security and privacy protection, mitigating the privacy concern in AI and IoT era. He also works as the co-chair of IAPP China Knowledgenet, promoting the privacy by design (PbD) principle.


“Coming security and privacy challenges, a practice for securing smart home devices”

Modern IoT ecosystems are complex. Various devices can be connected and configured to send data over cellular or local network to cloud applications and backends. The security and privacy risk is present at every step along the IoT journey, which expand the whole supply chain.
Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company, is a leader in smart home devices, whose security team has developed a comprehensive solution to mitigate the above risk. No one size fits all, but how to navigate through hundreds of smart devices? The topic will introduce the practical solution of IoT device manufactures.

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