Kubilay Ahmet Küçük

Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Cyber Security Centre, University of Oxford,

Kubilay Ahmet Küçük is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Cyber Security Centre at University of Oxford, currently working on ManySecured project. His research interests include problems related to confidential remote computation, and system architectures with TPM, TEEs, ARM TZ in IoT and IIoT. He received PhD studentship from Intel Corporation during his DPhil at University of Oxford. He completed projects focusing on private algorithms in SGX enclaves and SGX with many-party applications in Prof. Andrew Martin’s Systems Security Group. Before Oxford, he was a research assistant at ETH Zürich in D-MAVT Simulation Group, working with Prof. Wegener and Dr. Weikert. At ETH, he led software engineering in two CTI/InnoSuisse funded projects in Industry 4.0 domain. These projects (Face-gear Drive and Next-Gen Virtual Feeder) produced software products serving actively in industry and appeared in journals. Kubilay holds a degree in Computer Engineering.


“Open security challenges and opportunities in Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0 systems”

Human-less industrial production at large scale became possible with software automation and simulation technologies. Systems of new Industry 4.0 era are, however, stuck within their intranets due to intolerable cyber risks, waiting to be deployed in wider networks.

This talk presents two previously deployed software automation solutions; first on gear manufacturing and second one about robot feeders.
Rather than engineering questions, we evaluate these systems by the cyber assets and show the potential security challenges.

We conclude with opportunities appearing on the horizon: (1) how the use of trustworthy-execution in Industry 4.0 can help to build secure blueprint factories and help defend against insider threats and bad manufacturers, (2) how industrial systems can benefit from consumer-focused secure IoT gateway practices.

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