Lesley Kipling

Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, Microsoft EMEA

Previously lead investigator for Microsoft’s detection and response team (DART), Lesley Kipling has spent more than 16 years responding to our customers’ largest and most impactful cybersecurity incidents. As Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, she now provides customers, partners and agencies around the globe with deep insights into how and why security incidents happen, how to harden defences and more importantly, how to automate response and contain attacks with the power of the cloud and machine learning. She holds a Master of Science in Forensic Computing from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.


“Anatomy of Real-World IoT/OT Attacks and How to Defend Against Them”

The idea of this talk is that it would be educational rather than a vendor product pitch, in which we would describe specific attacks like: the TRITON attack on safety controllers in a petrochemical facil-ity; the nation-state attack on internet-connected IoT devices uncovered by Microsoft; the VPNfil-ter campaign; attack on building access control systems; and others.


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