Ovidiu Ursachi

CEO Quanto Masernet / CTO RobIoTic

Ovidiu Ursachi is an experienced cybersecurity architect with more than a decade experience in many global and complex managed services and software development projects. He currently leads Quanto Masernet, a German startup in cybersecurity risk evaluation and is the CTO of RobIoTic, a German provider of complete IoT solutions including sensor technologies, data communication and analysis, and IoT payment services. He is also in the advisory board of the Project KMU.Einfach.Sicher (SMB.Simply.Secure), a German federally supported initiative to support SMBs implement basic cybersecurity processes. Previously, he has worked as a cybersecurity architect in the Global Security Team at Atos where he was also part of the Atos Expert Community.


“IoT security from Risk of Inaction to Return on Investment”

IoT security may impact personal security, financial security, health and well-being, company security and many more. But often IoT security is not regarded as a basic need and the risk of inaction may be high. Thus, the responsibility for creation of perception and reality of cyber-security should be in the hands of organizations creating or deploying IoT devices. Once the responsibility acknowledged, the main question for every company becomes: how much should we invest in such an endeavor, and what is the return on investment out of it?

The different components of an IoT infrastructure such as the infrastructure, metastructure, applistructure, or infostructure may have a different role and impact. We look at how they can be impacted by the threat landscape and how the IoT landscape fits into the different architectures, whether they are business, technical or informational. We also discuss the specific process for quantification of risks that can help us decide what cybersecurity activities should be implemented and operationalized so that the IoT products sold or deployed get market acceptance, and insure long-term security and safety.

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