Dr. Rob Dobson

Vice President, Device Authority

Rob has over two decades of applied industry experience, across a wide range of industry verticals, with a strong network and understanding of application markets from Edge Compute, Cloud Service, Industrial, Semiconductors, Wireless and Software Architecture. With focus on cyber security and IoT for the past 10 years. Rob has worked on many complex IoT projects and use cases for TEIR 1 OEMs in the areas of Health Care (IoMT), Industrial and Automotive.


“Secure by Design: What is it and why do IoT use cases need it?”

The envisioned compelling economic and social benefits with IoT adoption are at risk as the current security model has evolved as an afterthought from IT, focusing on a detect and respond model with network centric models, failing to protect critical IoT solutions and use cases.

We now have an opportunity to redefine the IoT cybersecurity model with a Security by Design and Privacy by Design approach. Solving the trust and safety issues, realizing the full potential of the IoT ecosystem, and avoiding potentially disastrous impacts. Everyone, including Governments, regulatory bodies and standards groups are being forced to rethink this issue.

From this session, you will learn:

  • Why/How a Root of Trust and device bound identity are the core foundational components for trust and automation
  • How use cases span across disparate entities including IoT platforms, and why a security automation layer becomes an important component
  • What is Data centric security and why device bound data security is required – independent of network or human is required for any critical use cases.
  • What is Automated PKI – Standards driven and proven trust fabric
  • Review applied use case examples across Medical, Automotive and Industrial
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