A selection of our Speakers

We have a great selection of speakers for our conference this year

See below for more details about who they are and what they will be discussing

We will be updating this list regularly so please remember to come back and check

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Mike Brown
Leo Dorrendorf
Ian Goetz
Philip Griffiths
Vicente Segura Gualde
Sean Gulliford
Tyson Macaulay
Carsten Maple
Ken Munro
Michael Richardson
Dr. Yun Shen
Colin Robbins
Razvan Venter
Robert Dobson
Andreas Rüst
Fabio Giubilo
Daniel Bastos
Steven Kenny
Gilad Rosner
David Rogers
Sam Alderman-Miller
Hayden Povey
Jeremy Bennett
Laurie Mercer
Kat Megas
Beau Woods
Peter Davies
Ken Metcalf
Dr. David Long

Mike Brown – Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, ISARA Corporation

Presentation : A Quantum of Safety – Rooting Trust in a Quantum World

Mike is the CTO and co-founder for ISARA Corporation. He is focused on the technical vision and direction for the company…