Dr. Stephen Pattison

VP Public Affairs, ARM

Stephen Pattison is currently VP Public Affairs at ARM, a leading global high tech company based in Cambridge. He is responsible for ARM’s contributions to public policy thinking across the world. His focus is London, Brussels, and Washington. He was the first person to be appointed to a Public Affairs role at ARM, in 2012. Key issues on which he is working include Internet of Things, AI, Smart Cities, and Digital Security.

Stephen is Chairman of the micro:bit Educational Foundation and Chairman of the IoT Security Foundation ESB.
Prior to joining ARM, Stephen was CEO, International Chamber of Commerce UK.

Before that he worked for James Dyson as Head, International Business Development.
Stephen spent some of his career as a British Diplomat, working on a variety of political and commercial negotiations in London, Nicosia, Warsaw, Washington, New York and Geneva.


“We’re all in this together”

Think of the IoT Security landscape as a pie: we need to grow it so it covers the world, many players need to have a good slice of it, but we must all agree to share the same sort of pie.
The ingredients are being made in different parts of the world, in governments and in the private sector and in organisations like IOTSF.

But no one is quite sure yet of the recipe. And you cant make a pie without a good recipe. This is the challenge we face in the immediate future. And we will only solve it through collaboration

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