Steve Povolny

Head of Advanced Threat Research, McAfee

Steve Povolny is the Head of McAfee Advanced Threat Research, which delivers groundbreaking vulnerability research spanning nearly every industry. With more than a decade of experience in network security, Steve is a recognized authority on hardware and software vulnerabilities, who regularly collaborates with influencers in academia, government, law enforcement, consumers and enterprise businesses of all sizes. Steve is a sought-after public speaker and media commentator who often blogs on key topics. He brings to McAfee his passion for threat research and a unique vision to harness the power of collaboration between the research community and product vendors, through responsible disclosure, for the benefit of all.


“Sensory Overload – Cybersecurity Threats for Next Generation Vehicles”

Technology is evolving quickly to enable “further-connected” vehicles (V2X), which offer enhanced driver assistance capabilities and communications. As with all connected devices, modern cars are exposed to security risks, expanding a new attack surface for cybercriminals. This session will introduce cutting edge research on autonomous vehicle sensors based on adversarial attacks and controlled field experiments. The aim is to demonstrate a unique and compelling attack vector affecting the driving policy for a modern vehicle.

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