Vikram Sharma

Senior Manager Engineering, IoT Product Solutions, Cisco

Vikram has a manufacturing and security/cryptography background. In Cisco, he built and ran IoT systems for quality control across Cisco’s global manufacturing footprint covering over 100 plants for over 18 years.

He has extensive experience in manufacturing processes, automation systems, data analytics, industrial networking and security for manufacturing. His security experience covers network and system security, data security, cryptography, intellectual property protection and anti-counterfeit security architecture.

Prior to Cisco, Vikram Sharma deployed Honeywell DCS systems in oil refineries, pipelines and Building Management Systems. He holds a Bachelor in Industrial Electronics and a Master in Computer Science.


“Lessons on Industrial IoT Security from Finland”

Hear how Turku Energia – a Finnish energy distribution company – secures its power supply and IT network for the city’s 200,000 citizens.
In recent years, utility SCADA systems have become a target of hackers, because of the enormous damage that can be inflicted by sending cities dark or even damaging the grids. Previously at Turku Energia (a Finnish energy distributor), the network servicing the SCADA system was disparate from the IT network, and had only limited security features. Neither IT nor local OT network operators had visibility into potential threats, making every utility station a potential security target. To address this, the utility’s IT team has extended its reach to ensure data integrity, visibility, and rapid threat detection and remediation within both IT and OT environments.

Find out how the new, combined network is managed by IT, who can set policies and secure the environment from a unified, remote location. This means more time for the Operational Team to do what it does best – making sure the lights stay on without the risk of security vulnerabilities.

Session takeaways

How to create a holistic security architecture, which covers the edge of the grid to the control center and provides separation and segmentation to prevent attacks from entering via IT

Strengthening the partnership of IT team and OT to collaboratively improve security

What it means to enable security for the IoT environment – including the profound challenges and benefits – within the connected ecosystem.

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