About Xiaomi

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese multinational electronics company founded in
April 2010 and headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances, consumer electronics, and many other products.Xiaomi has the world leading consumer IoT platform – Mi Home. Mi Home has connected more than 374.5 million smart devices till now and the MIUI system have more than 453.8 million MAU.

Xiaomi IoT has a vast variety of products, including security category devices, smart home devices, wearable devices, entertainment devices,
transportations, etc. You could find more products information in Mi Global.

Xiaomi has established the Vulnerability Disclosure Program which includes Recipient, Verification, Solution Development, Affected Scope Confirmation and Release SA. It’s an important process that could ensure the vulnerabilities of Xiaomi products will be disclosed accurately and immediately. Security researchers, industry organizations, government agencies and vendors could proactively contact our SRC ([email protected]) or join open program on Hackerone to report potential product security vulnerabilities.

Xiaomi published the Trust Center to show our efforts and achievements on Security, Privacy, Compliance and Transparency. For Security, we published the Cyber Security Baseline for Consumer IoT Device in Nov 2020. This baseline is intended to help domestic IoT manufacturers have an open, convenient and practicable security guide when designing and developing consumer IoT products.

For Privacy, Xiaomi also published the IoT Privacy White paper in June this year. The White paper mainly introduces the data collection and usage for 6 main types of IoT Products and 3 connected mobile applications. The international data transfer, privacy governance and privacy principles, etc are also included. You could find the White paper PDF Version in Trust Center – Privacy.

For Compliance, we’ve got some Global Certifications like ISO 27001, ISO 27701, TRUSTe Certification, etc. In July 2021, we got BSI Kitemark Certification which is conducted ETSI EN 303645 standard on our Camera and Mi Home app.

Our practice has been rigorously tested and is worth the trust of users.

We build IoT Security Team in November 2015 and upgraded it to AIoT Security Lab in 2017. We has also established a complete cyber security and privacy management system, and always adheres to “security by design and privacy by design”. All Xiaomi’s smart products need to pass the security and privacy test of the Lab before launch. On sell products will also be monitored for
7*24 hours on the AIoT Security Platform.

Xiaomi not only insist on making products which touch the hearts of users with fair prices, but also adheres to security & privacy design, to ensure everyone in the world could enjoy the good life brought by technology securely.


Name Shilu Liu (刘时泸)
Job Title Head of Non-Mobile – Xiaomi WEU
Email [email protected]
Phone +86 138 0988 0454
Name Clarence Li(李子豪)
Job Title Ecosystem GTM Manager-Xiaomi WEU
Email [email protected]
Phone +86 13691291050

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