Product Manager, G+D

Zofia Domanska is a Product Manager leading the consumer technology-based eSIM life cycle management solution at G+D. She has been working for G+D for almost a decade, “living” the eSIM revolution almost since the beginning of it.

She worked with the major early automotive and consumer eSIM deployments in the U.S. (2014-2017). She has been holding the global Product Management role steering the roadmap of G+D’s GSMA RSP.22-based eSIM lifecycle management product (AirOn) since the mid-2017. G+D has onboarded and has been successfully providing eSIM services to almost 200 connectivity service providers into eSIM services since that point of time.

(She holds MSc. In Software Engineering from Alps-Adria University, Klagenfurt, Austria).


“How eSIM technology can be used within the IoT”

The presentation will explain how eSIM technology can be used within the IoT in order to manage flexible connectivity solutions for connected objects and how assets and data being transferred over the IoT network can be protected. We will outline the various standardization activities around eSIM for IoT and the specific technological and ecosystem requirements that need to be covered. The specific challenges on subscription provisioning will be highlighted and the ways to manage those challenges will be addressed.

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